How to Plan a Disney Vacation on Any Budget!

By Allison Sandberg

Budgets aren’t fun. Trips to Disney ARE fun!

How can we put these two things together when planning a vacation?

I’m going to touch on 3 things below showing you how to best take control of your money within any budget and still get the most magic out of your Disney vacation.

1. How to save for your Disney trip?

Most people don’t know that they can make payments on their Disney vacation. If you package your vacation (room, tickets and dining), you pay $200 down with the final payment due 30 to 75 days prior, depending on your Disney trip.

Let’s break this down….pay your deposit and then pay along the way. Do you want to vacation next summer? Then put your $200 down and we can divide the months by your total amount due and you can pay monthly.

Another great option is to start the booking process and then move your reservation when you’ve made a hard decision on dates. This means you can safely have your vacation money set aside for as long as you want. There are no penalties as long as your vacation dates are finalized by the time the final payment is due. This option is available on Walt …read more

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