COVID-19 Travel Update

By Allison Sandberg

In light of all the news and information, we wanted to share with you a few things.

We are working very hard and keeping up with all the announcements that are changing by the minute. We are working very closely with clients that are traveling in March specifically, as their trips are affected first.

For travel in April and beyond we will be looking for updates and touching base on specifics that affect your trips. You are welcome to reach out to us via email and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. In some cases, we may not have the answers yet as the situation is still changing.

Many destinations are offering waived cancellation penalties and making it possible to move vacations to a later date. We will discuss your options with you.

Please know a few things:

We care about your family and your travel plans. We will keep you informed of the options as your trip approaches and take care of changes and cancellations for you.
We don’t go on rumors and hearsay. We get official information from the sources. Sometimes that means you hear something on social media that we have not shared yet.
We are getting the details and …read more

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