Disney VIP Tours with Kelli

By Allison Sandberg

I am so excited to talk with Kelli today about one of the best services at Disney, the VIP Tours. Before we jump into that, we got to know a little bit more about Kelli. In the podcast, she shares about her family of five that lives in Michigan and her love of travel. Kelli also shares her first-hand experiences with travel that help her find the best travel options for her clients. 

Disney VIP Tours

Next, we jump into the VIP Tours at Disney. Kelli first talks about the different kinds of tours that are available at Disney World. The Ultimate Day of Thrills tour is perfect for those looking to hit all the thrill rides. This 7-hour tour hits all the highlights and includes lunch. 

Kelli also shares more about the ultimate tour, the VIP Tour. This private tour is for up to 10 guests and it is perfect for a family that wants their own guide and the ability to customize the day for their family. 

Find out more about VIP Tours as Kelli shares some of her own experiences from her tour and the memories they have created for her family. 

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