Teen Approved Vacations

By Jo Garrett

Ahhhh, the good ol’ days. When your kids were content with a pail and shovel at the beach for a week. When an ice cream cone was the hallmark of an amazing vacation. And when meeting their favorite Disney characters at one of the parks was the ULTIMATE dream vacation.

Don’t get me wrong, these are all really wonderful vacations! But as my kids have gotten older, they are ready for more excitement, adventure, and independence. Welcome to the teen years.

Ready for some teen approved vacations? Whatever your teens are into, these will give everyone in the family something they will look forward to and rave about when they get home!

Universal Orlando

Listen, you are never ever going to hear me say that Disney isn’t a dream vacation. I am well past my teen years and I still visit the parks a few times each year. But if you’ve visited Disney World or Disneyland before, it might be time to branch out and give Universal a try.

Universal is packed with excitement and thrill rides, which most teens are all about. From Marvel to Transformers and even Fear Factor, they are much more “grown up” parks. Plus you have the added nostalgia …read more

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