Traveling with Toddlers

By Allison Sandberg

In this episode of Travel Talk, we talk to Tania Dixon from Magical Memory Planners and Tamra Greason from Lifestyling with Tam for tips on traveling with toddlers.

Tania is the mom of a two-year-old son and Tamra has a two-year-old daughter. These two moms share their thoughts about traveling with toddlers. Tania planned a trip for the two families, and some others to head to Disney and share with us a little about their experience and their planning process. 

What is the first thing you think about when planning a trip for a family with toddlers?

Tania considers each family as unique. Each toddler has different needs and so she finds out more about the family and how they function. Is their toddler more laid back and goes with the flow or full of energy? What will work best for them?

What is a good length of stay?

Tania had a great experience with both a 7-night stay and a shorter 4-night stay. Tamra is excited about the 7-night trip with 5 park days. They agree the non-park days are a good chance for the toddlers to have some downtime and get rested up for the park days. 

What do you consider when it comes …read more

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