Mom Needs a Time-Out!

By Carla Haydt

On the heels of Mother’s Day, I would like ​to talk directly to all the mom’s out there that make the lives of their families run smoothly; think about the meals, the laundry, the doctor appointments, the bath times, the homework, the groceries, the taxi services. As a mom, it is not hard to be overwhelmed by the daily juggling of our chore lists and activities that must happen to make life function smoothly for your family.  Now, think about the last thing you did for yourself? I mean truly did just for you! It is hard to do isn’t it!

Well in 2016, I also was feeling a little overwhelmed​, and as I looked at my friends, I noticed we were all suffering from some sort of mommy burn out and we needed a little re-charge.  As a travel agent, it hadn’t occurred to me that maybe what I needed was a VACATION!!

Not just any vacation… one with a little alone time, without packing for my kids and husband, a vacation that included, no cooking on my end and perhaps included a waiter who would bring me cold fruity drinks, as I actually read the book that had been laying on my nightstand …read more

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