Get your Dolphin Island DVD!

By Heidi

With the Delta variant rampant and travel restrictions back in place, a movie escape for the whole family is just what we need.

Shot entirely in The Bahamas, DOLPHIN ISLAND is a family-focused film about a girl, her dolphin, and the power of family.

The Dove Foundation called DOLPHIN ISLAND “a heartwarming tale of love and accountability.” 

Directed by Mike Disa (SPACE DOGS, HOODWINKED TOO!).  Produced by Shaked Berenson (SPACE DOGS, A TIGER’S TALE), and written by Disa, Berenson, and Rolfe Kanefsky (PUPPY SWAP: LOVE UNLEASHED).

Starring Peter Woodward (NATIONAL TREASURE: BOOK OF SECRETS), Dionne Lea Williams (NO BAD DAYS), Tyler Jade Nixon (DOLPHIN KICK) and Bob Bledsoe (PARK AND RECREATION).


Approved for all ages by Dove and The Coalition for Quality Children’s Media, the DVD includes a 16 minutes Study Guide featuring Carthage College’s English Associate Professor, and cast member – Annette Lovrien Duncan.

Discounted pre-orders are available on the movie website:





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