Why Use a Travel Agent?

By Allison Sandberg

On this episode, we interview Tania Dixon, a travel advisor with Magical Memory Planners and one of her clients, Abbee Jones.

Abbee shared about her desire to head out west and have an exciting and active vacation with her husband. She reached out to Tania to help her and it worked out better than she could have imagined. Abbee is very talented when it comes to hair and makeup, but she is not an expert when it comes to traveling so it made perfect sense for her to get the help of a travel professional.

Vacations Customized for Your Family

Tania shared how she connects with a new client. Each trip is customized to the needs of that family. She gets to know you and then she can make recommendations. She will give you lots of options because sometimes that helps you define what you are looking for. Her expertise and enthusiasm really comes through.

For Abbee, the process of booking a trip with Tania was so easy. It made it much less stressful. She could pick and choose the things she wanted to include and Tania put everything together for her.

Tania was flexible on her communication, which was perfect for Abbee’s busy …read more

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