Universal Studios Orlando for Children

By Holly Szafran

Taking you children to Universal Orlando is easy once you know (1) what they can and can’t go on due to height and (2) how to unlock the secret powers of those who are under 52 inches tall. 

Below you will find a full ride list based on height requirements in height order to make planning rides easier for every member of your family. The parks also have height charts at the front of the park and each attraction to measure those who are close in height to the requirement. Height requirements are for safety reasons so there is no flexibility on if they are tall enough or not. Most of the ride cues are fully themed which is always a fun experience for the young and old alike. When it comes time to board the attraction, parents can take advantage of the Rider Swap. The Rider Swap rooms have seats and are fully airconditioned and most show a movie while you wait. 

Universal Studios Orlando Rider Swap

How does Rider Swap work? Your whole family will enter the ride cue and wait in the amazingly themed cue. When it is time to board the attraction, a parent will be given a paper …read more

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