Disneyland in May 2022: Everything to Know About Weather, Crowds, Events

By Lindsay Brookshier

Disneyland in May is a great time of the year to visit if you want to enjoy some of the perks of visiting in the summer months while also avoiding the crowds and heat that can materialize in the summer.

Everyone has personal preferences to consider when planning the date of their Disneyland trip. Each season will have its pros and cons and guests’ choices will vary based on those. Make sure to read our Disneyland crowd calendar to get an idea of what to expect when picking a date to visit Disneyland.

Keep reading for everything you need to know about visiting Disneyland in May including current events, what weather to expect, crowd level predictions, and what to pack!

Disneyland Events in May

May the 4th

May 4th is an official Star Wars celebration at the Disneyland resort which will often focus most of its festivities in Tomorrowland. This includes a transformation of Space Mountain into Hyperspace Mountain, the chance to see Captain Phasma and her stormtroopers and Star Wars themed souvenirs and food options.

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day doesn’t necessarily bring anything official to the parks but it is a popular time to visit so be sure to make advance dining reservations if you …read more

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