Flying for Families

By Allison Sandberg

Flying can be a lot of fun, but also very confusing. There is a lot to think about, especially when you are traveling with infants and kids. In this episode of Travel Talk, we’re talking about getting your family ready for the airline flight to your vacation destination. We’ll walk you through the flight process and share the tips you need to know to help your travel be turbulence-free.

Booking Your Flights

When comparing airlines and booking your flights, you should consider a few things. What are the airline’s policies? How do they have you book an infant/lap passenger? How many checked and carry-on bags are included with your airfare? Do you purchase your bags ahead or at the airport? You may want to purchase a fare that includes seat selection so you are assured you are seated together. Check requirements for gate checked strollers. Some airlines gate check any strollers, but others have a weight limit. This is important to know. 

For families with at least one child under six we like Southwest A LOT! You get flight flexibility and two checked bags per person plus a carry-on and personal item. You board between groups A and B and that allows you …read more

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