Traveling with Teens

By Allison Sandberg

Planning a vacation that everyone will love can be especially challenging when traveling with teens. They are a unique bunch. I know because I have three of them. The most important thing is to get their buy-in. You want them to WANT to go on vacation and be excited about it. A good place to start is to ask them where they want to go or where their friends have gone. Maybe make a family bucket list of locations they want to go to before they graduate high school and use that as inspiration for vacation plans.

In this episode, we’re talking about teenagers, and since teens love independence, eating, and what’s trending, we’ll give you some great tips to help you enjoy a vacation that your teens will love, and so will you.

Teens Love Independence

Pick a vacation destination that allows them to have some independence. They want to feel like adults and have the choices to go and do what they want some of the time. Does the destination have teen hangout options where they can meet others or do they have things that they can go do by themselves? 

Example: On a cruise, you may give your teens the …read more

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