Disneyland Fantasmic! Guide 2022: Show Times, Dining Packages, Seating Tips

By Gavin Doyle

Disneyland Fantasmic! is the best nighttime show at the Disneyland Resort currently running. Fantasmic! takes place in Frontierland and can be viewed via reserved seating from a dining package or general standby viewing.

In 2022, Fantasmic! turned 30 years old. This incredible nighttime spectacular has been updated and reshaped throughout the years, but the general premise of good vs evil battling it out to the same catchy Fantasmic! tune in Disneyland has remained.

In this guide to Disneyland Fantasmic!, we’ll share info on reserved seating and dining packages, the typical nightly schedule and showtimes, tips for getting good seats for the show if you choose not to buy a dining package, and a short history of Fantasmic! at Disneyland.

Disneyland Fantasmic! 2022 Return Date

Disneyland Fantasmic! has officially returned to the theme parks and is scheduled to perform twice nightly throughout the summer.

The show is back after a long hiatus that began when Disneyland closed at the beginning of the COVID pandemic.

The return of Fantasmic! is a huge deal as it means that the parks are practically back to normal post-COVID closure. With all of the entertainment back at Disneyland, it really feels like the parks are BACK! Fantasmic! will always be my personal …read more

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