Real ID & TSA Pre Check: What’s the deal?

By Debi White

Traveling and not sure what all the talk about Real ID, TSA PreCheck, and regular security lines is about? Here is a quick rundown of what you need to know!

Real ID:

Real ID was put into place to streamline identification needed to access certain federal buildings including federally regulated aircraft. This law was enacted in 2005, however trying to get all 50 states and US territories all on the same page is a bit of a challenge.

As of this date, if you are going to be flying, you will either need a passport or a Real ID by MAY 3, 2023.

Each state has it’s current guidelines and rules. The deadline has been pushed back so much already. The current date is May 3, 2023. We don’t know if this will change again. When applying for your Real ID, you will need to make an appointment. Check this website to see what documents you will need to take with you to apply for the Real ID.

Now, do you need this? Not necessarily. If you have a passport, and you do not want to get a Real ID, as long as you are okay traveling with …read more

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