Memories for Christmas

By Misty Griffin

Every Christmas was the same. Weeks were spent shopping for the perfect gift, tons of thought put into just what the perfect gift was and then by mid afternoon Christmas day, the toys sat abandoned in the living room and the kids were of doing something else.

One Christmas my husband and I were discussing what the perfect gift would be and an idea came to us. Instead of toys wrapped under the tree, we would give them a Christmas vacation! The gift of memories for Christmas. 

Maybe you have wanted to give the gift of a vacation, but wondered if your kids would miss out on the traditional Christmas. OR maybe you worry about the logistics of the entire process. 

While it’s only July I know that for this type of Christmas gift, you will need a bit more time than usual to plan. 

A memory filled vacation is one of the best gifts I have ever given my family.  I must admit, that first year, I worried that my littlest son would really miss out on the traditional Christmas! I worried that the boys would be mad at us. Miss opening gifts. Miss the traditions. 

Thankfully, they didn’t. 

Our first year giving the gift …read more

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