Multigenerational Travel

By Allison Sandberg

In this episode of Travel Talk, Allison helps you understand what multigenerational travel is, and includes tips and a few ideas on the best types of destinations to go to. Listen and find out how to create those special memories for your family.

What is Multigenerational Travel?

Multigenerational travel is when different generations want to travel together. Usually, we see grandparents, parents, grandkids, aunts, uncles, and cousins in a multigenerational group. Sometimes the grandparents are paying for all or most of the trip and in other cases, each family is paying for their own portion. Sometimes the group is big enough to qualify for group rates and other times not. A multigenerational group trip can bring up a lot of questions.

Why Multigenerational Travel?

Great memories are made, especially on vacation. Sometimes families only get to spend time all together during the holidays or at a birthday or celebration and being together for a few days on vacation is a great time to really connect. Other families may live in different parts of the country so they don’t get to gather for celebrations and a vacation destination is a better location for everyone to get together. In other cases, families get together regularly and …read more

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