Insider Tips for Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights

By Misty Griffin

FOG, SCREAMS, LATE NIGHTS, Horror, Scare Zones, pizza fries…that’s right, PIZZA. FRIES. September kicks off the 31st year of Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando.

HHN is a BIG deal at Universal Orlando. While Hollywood, CA has a smaller version, it is nothing compared to Orlando’s version.

If this is your first HHN then it can be intimidating. Don’t worry.  MMP has your back! We have all the Insider Tips you need to make the MOST of your Halloween Horror Nights experience!

Weekend Nights are the Busiest!

For obvious reasons, weekend nights are the busiest nights during HHN. Of course any night can be busy, the weekend’s are most definitely the busiest! If you are able, schedule your HHN for the week night.

Earlier in the season..better!

Earlier in the season for HHN is the best! The crowds are bigger the closer it gets to Halloween. The season begins September 2nd and ends October 31st. The closer it gets to Halloween the busier it gets.

Review the Map before..Start at the back!

As with anything always be prepared! Review the map of the layout of HHN BEFORE and come up with the houses you JUST MUST DO! On the night of HHN, go to the houses at the …read more

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