Creating Your Travel Bucket List

By Allison Sandberg

Do you have a travel bucket list? Do you want one? We want to help you create your travel bucket list. Have a listen for six different areas to help you fill in your bucket list.

Family Heritage

Think about your family heritage. Do you know where your parents and grandparents were born? Do you have family foods or traditions that you would like to explore further? These can be great items to add to your bucket list. Kensington Tours works with Ancestry DNA to help you learn more about your heritage and then plan a trip that takes you to the places you came from.


Do you have a favorite movie that was filmed out of the country? Maybe a TV series that makes you want to experience it for yourself. Even books can draw you to want to learn more about a specific location. Lord of the Rings was filmed in New Zealand and you can visit some of these places on an excursion through Holland America Line.

Anne of Green Gables books take you to Prince Edward Island and you can visit via several cruise lines on a New England/Canadian cruise itinerary. Maybe you are a huge fan of Downton …read more

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