Disney Vacation Club Rentals Guide: How to Score a Deluxe Disney Vacation on a Budget!

By Eduardo Silva

What if I told you that you could be enjoying deluxe Disney vacations at a fraction of the cost? What’s more, you could enjoy these fabulous vacations without even being a Disney Vacation Club member! Our Disney Vacation Club Rental Guide is going to break down just how simple it is to enjoy the benefits of deluxe Disney Vacation Club (DVC) accommodations without being a member. 

Renting Disney Vacation Club points is your answer to amazing money-saving vacations at any of the Disney Vacation Club resorts around the country. Renting DVC points allows non-members to use the points of DVC owners who just can’t take a Disney vacation for whatever reason. As a renter, you pay a fraction of what DVC members paid for their points and use those points towards a deluxe Disney vacation. Plus, you get all of the benefits throughout your vacation that a DVC member would normally get!

So, hang on to them hats and glasses and dive into our complete Disney Vacation Club Rentals Guide.

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