Boats of Walt Disney World: How to Get Around Using Water Transportation

By Eduardo Silva

There are tons of ways to get around the Walt Disney World Resort. We’re probably all familiar with the buses that serve the parks and resorts, but did you know you can also get around using boats? That’s right! Water transportation is a wonderful Walt Disney World perk that not many people know about. They are super convenient and the best part…free!

Water transportation in Walt Disney World covers lots of ground, but you’ll need to understand the different routes and how they work. Luckily, it’s not hard at all. So, for the days when you’re not in a rush and just want to enjoy the sights and sounds of the water, then you should consider hopping on one of the many boats around Walt Disney World.

Keep reading our Walt Disney World water transportation guide to learn more!

Water Transportation: Overview and FAQs

Boats are a great way to get around the different parks and resorts at Walt Disney World in Florida. Since much of the property is water, Disney strategically created boat routes that cover lots of the Walt Disney World property. Depending on where you start, you can get to a number of places just by hopping aboard a boat. As I mentioned, …read more

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