Walt Disney World’s Skyliner Guide: All of the Tips, Info and Fun!

By Eduardo Silva

There are lots of ways to get around Walt Disney World in Florida. There’s the tried and true bus option, by car, boats and, of course, the monorail. But did you know about Disney’s newest mode of transportation? Let me introduce you to the Disney Skyliner. The Skyliner isn’t your ordinary mode of transportation. These flying gondolas are a lot of fun and can be considered an attraction of their very own!

In this Skyliner Guide, we’re going to give you everything you need to know about using these magical gondolas in the sky. We’ll cover everything from routes, resorts, tips, and even how to pull off the perfect restaurant or bar crawl!

If you’re wondering how the Skyliner can be incorporated into your next trip, keep reading our Skyliner guide and learn all about this fun transportation option in Walt Disney World!

Skyliner Guide: What is the Disney Skyliner?

The Skyliner opened in Walt Disney World in September of 2019 as its newest mode of transportation. The Skyliner consists of fully enclosed gondolas that are suspended on wires high above the ground moving from station to station and serving both resorts and theme parks. For those of you who might remember, they are …read more

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